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  Polite, professional and excellent customer service so far.
So far, I'm very satisfied with The Floor Club of Denver. They actually haven't done any install work yet but so far so good. They are polite and they have good clear communication and their customer service is excellent. They have been fantastic and so far, I would give them 5 out of 5 stars.
by Steve N on 05/31/2017
  Good Product
I have ordered product from the The Floor Club of Denver a few times now and they have done a good job. Most of the product would arrive on time, I did have some issues with some back-orders previously. What we order always ends up working out and we plan on reaching out to them for future work.
by Mark B on 05/05/2017
  Good Experience
I had a very good experience with The Floor Club of Denver. I purchased some flooring from them. The sales person was very knowledgeable about the products and very helpful. They didn't install the flooring but I really liked their service in the store. I would recommend this company to other people.
by Ed G on 05/03/2017
  Good Products At Reasonable Prices
I have sent plenty of business over to The Floor Club of Denver. There is a guy that works there who is very helpful and always takes good care of my customers. I am a contractor at Grove Remodeling and have used them several times myself. They have a good variety of different products at a reasonable price. I will use them again.
by Javier Z on 05/01/2017
  Good Selection and Friendly Employees
I would definitely recommend The Floor Club of Denver. We bought some tile from them and are very satisfied with how it looks! I appreciate that the galleries have a lot of choices and that the employees are very friendly. Their prices are okay, and I think its worth the product. Overall, I thought they were a very good service.
by Israel R on 04/27/2017
  Really Professional and Reliable
I'm a general contractor and I often send many of my clients down to the Floor Club of Denver. My clients often meet with Jessica who has a great job with them. She is very much professional and is always courteous and easy to work with, even if she has to work with others that are a little more difficult to work with. Its comforting to know that I can send my clients down there and be sure that they will get some really good and professional service.
by Scott B on 03/08/2017
  Made It A Great Experience!
The Floor Club of Denver was very quick to respond. Even when things didn't go right, they put in all their effort to make things right and make it a great experience!
by Darcy H on 02/17/2017
  Very good company.
I ordered some carpeting from The Floor Club of Denver. The sales person was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would absolutely use them again and I will also recommend them to anyone.
by Donald W on 01/11/2017
  I Had A Positive Experience
I'm a contractor and I have been doing business with The Floor Club of Denver for many years. I have brought material from them and have also helped customers buy material to help facilitate projects regarding floors. So far, the experience for me has been good.
by Jr H on 11/29/2016
  I can't say enough good things about the place.
The Floor Club of Denver is a great place with good people. I get excellent service there. I can't say enough good things about the place. My sales person there is really good, she's real talented. I've been a customer there for about 2 years. I'm a remodel contractor so I do a lot of remodel work, and I send all my clients down there to choose colors and products. It's practically constant, an ongoing process. I was even in there myself in the last two days. I can't come up with anything off the top of my head that they could improve. It's really a very satisfying experience. Don't hesitate to go down there and take a look, its a great place.
by struble a on 11/22/2016
  Evan Is Great!
I don't work with anyone else but Evan from The Floor Club of Denver. He has the most excellent product knowledge and follow-up skills. He's responsive, good with problems, courteous and extremely responsible.
by Christine S on 11/04/2016
The Floor Club of Denver had good follow-up and customer service.
by Connie L on 10/28/2016
  Very Impressed With Their Service
I worked with Robert at The Floor Club of Denver for the past 5 years. We've built a good business relationship and I am constantly impressed with their service. I'm always happy with their selection. One time they made a mistake and sent me the wrong carpet. When I explained to them they quickly understood the error and replaced the carpet. They paid about $2k for that mistake with no problem.
by 1 2 on 10/18/2016
  My sales rep was great!
The Floor Club of Denver was good, I like those guys. Specially my sales rep, she was great. I don't love the shipping part of it, how they handled the delivery but they are responsive and like I said, my sales rep is very great.
by arcturus s on 10/04/2016
  I Had A Positive Experience
We buy items from The Floor Club of Denver. The quality of the items are of high quality. They get high ratings for their service and for our total experience. They do a really good job.
by highline p on 09/12/2016
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