Eco Friendly Products for Your Home

Everything we do affects the environment. The Floor Club Denver is committed to protecting our natural resources through the many “green” products we offer. As a member of The Floor Club, be sure to consider our environmentally friendly flooring products for your customers who are looking to ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

The Floor Club Denver encourages the manufacturing and purchasing of earth friendly products. We offer a wide assortment of sustainable and recyclable products in natural and engineered materials for a better tomorrow. Contact our expert staff to find out more about environmentally friendly flooring products at The Floor Club Denver.

The Floor Club is commited to protecting the environment. These beautiful roomscenes show eco-friendly flooring products in modern homes.


  • Lasts longer than conventional flooring
  • Gives your customers pride in ownership
  • Safe for you, your family and the environment
  • Recyclable to prevent needlessly filling up our landfills
  • Help reduce dependency on oil
  • Ensures a healthy environment for future generations

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